Parallel Session Topics and Convenors

CIPANP Scientific Topics 2015

Physics at High Energies

Convenors: Meenakashi Narain (, Brigitte Vachon ( and Adam Martin (

  • Direct searches for Higgs, SUSY, Exotics, Extra Dimensions (Collider results from LHC and TeV and theoretical interpretations)
  • Next generation colliders – FCC, ILC
  • Models of beyond-the-standard-model physics

High Intensity and Precision Physics

Convenors: Brendan Kiburg (, Dave Armstrong (, and Adam Ritz (

  • Muon Physics
    • g-2
    • muon capture on light systems
    • cLFV
    • muonium studies
    • muonic Lamb shift
  • Rare and very rare meson decays
  • Weak charge of the electron and proton
  • High energy tests
  • Proton decay, nnbar Oscillations
  • Next-generation machines

Cosmic Physics and Dark Energy/Inflation

Convenors: Klaus Honscheid ( and Eduardo Rozo (

  • Cosmic Microwave Background and its Polarization
  • Other High-Precision Cosmology
  • Large-scale Structure Formation
  • Cosmological Parameters
  • Re-Ionization Epoch
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Short-range tests of gravity and new interactions
  • Astrophysical tests of general relativity
  • Inflation and Baryogenesis
  • Theories of Dark Energy/Inflation
  • Cosmological theory: Multi-verses, Cyclic Universes, Arrow of Time

Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing

Convenors: Jason Detwiler (, Alysia Marino (, and Silvia Pascoli (

  • Neutrino Oscillations in Neutrino Beams and Reactors
  • Double beta decay
  • Solar and Atmospheric Neutrinos
  • Direct Neutrino Mass Measurements
  • Cosmological constraints on Neutrino Mass
  • Neutrino Cross Section Measurements
  • Neutrino Flavor Physics in Astrophysics

Tests of Symmetries and the Electroweak Interaction

Convenors: Mark Pitt ( and Jens Erler (

  • CKM tests involving light flavors (neutron decay, nuclear 0+-0- beta decay, pion decay)
  • EDMs of atoms, molecules, neutron and fundamental systems
  • Neutron and nuclear beta decay correlations, including P- and T-violation
  • Neutron decay (lifetime, beta decay correlations)

Dark Matter

Convenors: Hugh Lippincott ( and Tim Tait (

  • Direct Detection of WIMP Dark Matter
  • Astrophysical Searches for Dark Matter
  • Collider Searches for Dark Matter
  • Axions
  • Theories of Dark Matter and its Interactions
  • Instrumentation

Particle and Nuclear Astrophysics

Convenors: Barry Davids ( and Markus Ahlers (

  • Supernovae: Observations and Modeling
  • Neutron Stars and Neutron Star Mergers
  • Big bang nucleosynthesis
  • Explosive Nucleosynthesis
  • Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Cosmic Rays and Acceleration Mechanisms: nucleons, nuclei, electrons and positrons, gammas, neutrinos
  • Underground Laboratories

Heavy Flavor and the CKM Matrix

Convenors: Kay Kinoshita ( and Chris Bouchard (

  • Decays, Mixings, Lifetimes, and CP Asymmetries of Charmed and b-flavored hadrons
  • QCD Calculations that aid in the determination of the CKM matrix
  • Intepretations of non-standard model effects and extensions
    • BES3, CLEO, BaBar and Belle results
    • Tev and LHC flavor physics results
    • Rare decays
    • Lattice QCD calculations of heavy quark physics
    • Hints of new physics
    • BSM contributions to flavor physics

QCD, Hadron Spectroscopy and Exotics

Convenors: Robert Edwards ( and Raffaella De Vita (

  • Light quark meson and baryon spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy of heavy quark states
  • Models
  • Lattice QCD calculations
  • Extractions from experimental data

Partonic Distributions in Nucleon and Nuclei

Convenors: Harut Avakian ( and Cédric Lorcé (

  • Unpolarized Parton Distribution Functions
  • Longitudinal and Transverse Spin Structure of the Nucleon
  • Generalized Parton Distributions and the Spin Sum of the Nucleon
  • Quark-gluon correlations
  • Non perturbative models
  • Lattice QCD Calculations
  • Hadronization

Hadronic Physics and Structure of Nucleus and Nuclei

Barbara Pasquini (, Douglas Higinbotham (, and Bradley Sherrill (

  • Form Factors
  • Transition Form Factors
  • Proton Charge Radius
  • Polarizabilities
  • Structure Functions and Coulomb Sum Rule
  • EMC Effect, Color Transparency
  • Short Range Correlations
  • Nuclear Forces, chiral interaction
  • Nuclear Model, ab initio methods
  • Nuclei and Nuclear Forces from Lattice QCD
  • Nuclei far from the valley of stability
  • Neutron-Rich Nuclei and Matter
  • Nucleon and Nuclear Structure for Fundamental Symmetries

Quark Matter and High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions

Convenors: Rosi Reed ( and Hannah Petersen (

  • QCD Phase Diagram
  • Initial state effects
  • Correlations and fluctuations
  • Theromodynamics and hadron chemistry
  • Relations to other strongly interacting systems
  • Open heavy flavor and quarkonia
  • Jets